Cycle of Movable Keys Books

Everything you need to know about downloading, assembly and the use of The COMK.

We recommend the purchase of “The Book of Instructions: Explained” with any other eBook to get the most out of your COMK.  It contains the Cycle of Keys and the Cycle of Modes plates, paramount to the construction of your COMK.

The COMK is made up of 3 plates – The Cycle of Keys, The Cycle of Modes and a Rotation Plate, of which there are more than 160. The Rotation Plates are available as a Complete Set or as a set of the Diatonic, PentaTonic or Chromatic Plates.

Coming soon are The Book of Scales and The Dictionary of Chords for Diatonic, PentaTonic and Chromatix scales and their alterations.

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Showing all 5 results