The Cycle of Movable Keys Collection
The COMK Books

Everything you need to know about downloading, assembly
and how to use of The COMK.

We recommend the purchase of “The Book of Instructions: Explained” with any other eBook to get the most out of your COMK.  It contains the Cycle of Keys and the Cycle of Modes plates, paramount to the construction of your COMK.

The COMK is made up of 3 plates – The Cycle of Keys, The Cycle of Modes and a Rotation Plate, of which there are more than 160. The Rotation Plates are available as a Complete Set or as a set of the Diatonic, PentaTonic or Chromatic Plates.   

The COMK Rotation Plates

All the 160+ Cycle of Movable Keys Rotation Plates are available separately, here as a single page document.

The “000 Rotation Plate and Building The COMK” is a required purchase to get the most out of the COMK.
It is the only document with the Cycle of Keys and Cycle of Modes Plates, paramount to the construction of your COMK.  

The Principles of Improvisation Collection

The Mode Books

Which Improvisation Book is right for me?

For Beginners we recommend Book One – An Introduction to Music Improvisation. It has all the basic music theory required to be a good musician.

For Intermediate players, those with some experience, we recommend one of The 7 Mode Companions. They examine the relationship between the Ionian Mode and respective Mode (note of the scale) to show how to develop your own ideas on the improvised line

For Advanced experienced players, composers and music students we recommend one of The 3 Complete Handbooks. They contain everything you need to know about all the Occidental (Diatonic), Oriental (PentaTonic) and Chromatic scales and their alterations. These are complete encyclopedia in themselves from which you will gain a new idea every day for the rest of your life.

  You can begin with any Book from The Principles of Improvisation Collection’s, as what is written in one book, equally applies to the others.
Each book is a complete syllabus in itself so that you can ‘specialise’ in one particular aspect (mode) of creating the improvised line.