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The charts used in our early YouTube videos

Only @miAimTIL will you find all the information that disseminates the truth about the improvised line, Scales, Chord Rotations, The Cycle of Keys and The Cycle of Modes.

We do this is via our YouTube Channel.  Since March 2018, most Saturday’s we have uploaded a new short, fun and informative video. In our early series we used various charts with live piano/ organ demonstrations to clearly explain the information being explored. Below are  the actual charts that were used for your reference, as you practice, and when you re-watch the videos on YouTube. Learn about music theory, musicianship and how to apply this knowledge TODAY.
The chart titles closely match the video titles in which they are used for easy reference.

Yes!   All these music charts are FREE!!!

Simple download or print them directly from your web browser NOW.

Just click the blue link to open each chart in a new PDF reader tab.


Please note that we do not tell you what to play, no one can.
What we will do is give you the tools to create your own musical ideas
when improvising and composing.

The YouTube Video Playlists Explained

In the EoM (Elements of Music) playlist we teach music basics, theory and musicianship.

The AoTIL (Anatomy of The Improvised Line) playlist applies these theories in a practical manner.

The Improv 4 Beginners playlist explores simple 4 chord progressions, 1 chord for 2 bars in an 8 bar platform that is ideal for improvisation and composition. Each video is full of diagrams, charts, explanations and demonstrations of Bass Lines, Chord Rotations, Chord Inversions and how you can create a unique theme/ melody.

The Improv 4 Players playlist examines 4 chord progressions with variations, 1 chord per bar in an 8 bar platform. These instructional videos take your improvisation to the next level by helping you think like a true improvisor or improv8or.

The Advanced Improv playlist explores ORIGINAL and UNIQUE 4 chord progressions from the Altered Scales that are explained in “The Occidental Handbook” exclusive to this website.

The  Improv 4 Fun playlist then puts it all together with live improvisations on well known tunes.

The Lockdown Learning Quick Tips playlist contains many different creative practice hints. This series has been created during the 2020 Covid19 Worldwide Health Pandemic.

The Elements of Music Theory – Free Charts


Anatomy of The Improvised Line – Free Charts


Improv 4 Beginners Series 1 – Free Charts


Improv 4 Players Series 1 – Free Charts

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