Welcome to miAim (pronounced my aim) The Improvised Line,  home of The Cycle of Movable Keys (The COMK)
designed to help you to generate your own ideas for musical improvisation and composition.

All About @miAimTIL is explained in this 2 1/2 min video… enjoy!

We have developed a level playing field, for all musicians who wish to reach their
full potential with unique improvisations and compositions, easily and quickly!!


The Cycle of Movable Keys, or COMK, consists of 3 plates:-
The Cycle of Keys, The Cycle of Modes and The Rotation Plate.
There over 160 different Rotation Plates available as a Complete Set or as a set of just The Diatonic, The PentaTonic or The Chromatix Plates.
We recommend the purchase of “The Book of Instructions: Explained” with “COMK: The Complete Set of Rotation Plates” to get the most out of your COMK.

Alternatively you can purchase the Rotation Plates individually from our Shop or The COMK Rotation Plates Page.
If you do then “000 Rotation Plate and Building The COMK” is a required purchase to get the most out of the COMK.  It is the only document with the Cycle of Keys and Cycle of Modes Plates


We do not tell you what to play, nobody can!

However, we can help you to develop your own ideas for
Improvisation and Composition

Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and Chord Rotations.


If your question is . . .

Am I tired of all my music sounding the same?
Am I not getting enough new ideas fast enough?
Am I annoyed at the same old I – IV – V chord progression?
Am I serious about learning improvisation and creative music composition?

If you answer YES to ANY of these QUESTIONS,

then miAimTIL has the solution FOR YOU!!


All you need is the musical will & ambition – miAim has done the rest.
Check The Cycle of Movable Keys out!
* * Your chance is now to gain a lifetime of creating improvisation  * *


Our GUARANTEE is that you will . . .  
for the rest of your life with The Cycle of Movable Keys
and any one of our Mode Books on “The Principles of Improvisation”


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“Do not be afraid to sound like YOU and not your favourite star.
We do not tell you what to play, no one can. However,
we can give you the tools to create new musical ideas.” – @miAimTIL


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Dream more than is practical and Expect more than others think is possible.

miAim – Music Improvisation – An Innovative Method