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Site Updates

You asked for it so we delivered!

Each of the book Previews now have the “Table of Contents” as well as sample text and music chart pages so that you get a really good idea of what is in each book.

To see the Previews, click on the “preview” button below each book image on The Principles of Improvisation page and it will open in a new tab for easy viewing.

8 books are currently available, the “Introduction to Music Improvisation” (FREE with any other purchase, for a limited time only) and each of the 7 Mode Companions. The 3 advanced Handbooks will be available soon. They really are complete handbooks and quite large. The final editing is taking longer than expected, so tay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds for updates.

7 thoughts on “Site Updates

  1. Hi, Love this site Tim. I stopped playing Sax at the end of high school and my parents sold it a few years later. Hence I have an intermediate playing ability. I also enjoy House and Techno music.

    The site has nice graphics and I hope that you get the followers that you need.
    I am following you on Twitter even though I don’t get on it much.

    Good work Mate!

    1. Thanks for your feedback and support. Much appreciated.
      Take care as always mate and we will chat soon.

      1. There are many teaching methods and how to’s in learning music. With years of entrenched thinking it is very difficult to explain or undo if needed muscle memory, feel and emotion, unconscious musical perception. All the technical theory is just robotic movements which help with style. Although being gifted really comes from trusting what we are from within and allowing our inner selves to come to life. Indeed it takes mastering the inner self. Nothing will change until creative change itself occurs.


  2. The 3rd and final Complete Handbook has now be published here.
    Now the entire collection of “The Principles of Improvisation” is available from The Introduction, through the 7 Modes Companions to the Complete Occidental (western), Oriental (eastern) and Chromatix Handbooks.

  3. With the introduction of our 1st Advanced Improv Hints YouTube series, all the links to each of our video series have been updated. Now you can go straight to the series that interests you the most be it Music Basics with the “Elements of Music” or “Anatomy of The Improvised Line” or Improvisation and Composition Tips with the “Beginners Improv Hints” or “Players Improv Hints” or “Advanced Improv”

  4. Very good post. I am facing some of these issues as well..

  5. Added the links for The Lockdown Learning Quick Tips playlist that contains many different creative practice hints. This series has been created during the 2020 Covid19 Worldwide Health Pandemic.

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