06 – The MixoLydian Companion

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Used in modern composition such as techno, rap, hip-hop and house.

This is the most important mode to remember; it is the Dominant mode. If you thought that the natural was the only scale to produce a G7 then you’ll be delighted to know you can learn there are eight more. This means that there are nine possible ways of varying your opening statement without shifting from the original key.

miAim.com.au is the only site on the planet where you will find scales with one, two and three Dominants suitable for creating the improvised line.

Because the Dominant is so crucial to cadences it doesn’t necessary follow that a cadence must be formed using the only MixoLydian. You’ll find a complete list cadence-forming Dominants in the books on the improvised line.

It lists the alterations ending with the 5th (MixoLydian) note of a scale; creating MixoLydian Cadences.