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At miAim we believe in keeping things as simple and clear as possible. As a result each of our legal documents is only one (1) uncomplicated, straight forward page!

Yes it is true! There are some legal university level studies in our collective intellect and he is is also an Australian, New South Wales (State Attorney General Appointed) Justice of the Peace.

Here is a copy of our “Terms of Use” that you agree to prior to any purchase being made on this website.

Terms of Use 2018

Here is a copy of our “End-User License Agreement” found at the back of every eBook and downloadable pfd file on this website.

User Licence Agreement eBook 2018

Coming soon is our new “Privacy Policy” in accordance with the new EU and International regulations of 2018.

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Care more than others think is wise, Risk more than is safe,
Dream more than is practical and Expect more than others think is possible.

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