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miAim – Music Improvisation For The 21st Century. miAim – Music Improvisation For The 21st Century. miAim – Music Improvisation For The 21st Century. miAim – Music Improvisation For The 21st Century.

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Are you truly serious about learning jazz improvisation
and being creative in music composition?


 This is the first innovation in music theory since the 17th century. Reducing the Cycle of Keys to a common tonic is the gateway to developing ideas for jazz improvisation. 

miAim is to develop a level playing field where all who wish to reach their full potential at jazz improvisation can find the most comprehensive materials to assist them with the greatest expediency to attain their goal.

Jazz improvisation will cease to be an intangible phenomenon.

The Ten Principles of Jazz Improvisation

Principle 1: The Cycle of Modes and the Cycle of Keys are two separate entities

Principle 2: Any scale in the Cycle can be reduced to a common tonic

Principle 3: Reducing the scale to a common tonic establishes the order of the keys affected i.e. the Rotation of the Cycle of Modes

Principle 4: The number of keys affected is governed by the number of notes in the scale

Principle 5: Rotation refers to modulation in the Cycle of Modes

Principle 6: Progression refers to modulation in the Cycle of Keys

Principle 7: Improvisation can be affected using – in part or in full – either the Rotation or the Progression

Principle 8: The Cycle of Modes and the Cycle of Keys are mirror images of each other; i.e. where the Rotation is   i – v – ii – vi – iii – vii – iv
and the Progression is i – iv – vii – iii – vi – ii – v

Principle 9: The Progression for the Relative Minor (any mode) and the Tonic Minor (any mode) is identical to that of the Tonic Scale.

Principle 10: Better education will result in more sophisticated improvisation. With the most comprehensive, non-biased information at your disposal the only limits are those set by your imagination.


Are you truly serious about learning improvisation
and creative music composition?

It doesn’t matter what instrument you play or what genre or style you play in, or aspire to, miAim is the only site in the world with the complete answer to any question you might have on creating
the improvised line.

Our eBooks cover all genre: jazzrock, rock, country, country rock, Afro-American spirituals, blues, jazz, latin, country, contemporary and Oriental music. Swing, rhythm & blues, latin, bosa nova, techno, rap, hip-hop, disco, grunge and house. Start your collection on improvisation TODAY and see how your stock of knowledge builds into a virtual encyclopedia to help YOU generate UNIQUE ideas and create the improvised line.  

Look around on as many sites as there are until you get fed up with it. By the time you’ve subscribed to every one of them you still wouldn’t have the complete picture of what is involved in learning about improvisation – creating the improvised line.

You could spend thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars and STILL not get the complete answer to the problem. Why? Because other sites only offer a percentage of the number of ideas that can be incorporated into creating the improvised line.

Each ebook in The miAim Collection – there are 10 – on the improvised line, contains the potential for at least fifty thousand ideas that can be included in creating improvisation. This will save you money and time wasted in searching for the complete answers to improvisation.

You can begin with any eBook
from The miAim Collection as what is written in one book, equally applies to the others. Each ebook is a complete syllabus in itself so that you can ‘specialise’ in one particular aspect (mode) of creating
the improvised line.



  At miAim, we appreciate that in today's world time is of the essence and  you don't always get the time to practice daily on the basic skills of improvisation. So we have done something about it.

y becoming a member of miAim each month you will receive the next episode in the Jazztech Basics guides.
Based on over 30 years of research into the Cycle of Keys these mini ebooks (a 5 minute read) contain excerpts from The miAim Collection and other new material on the improvised line.

Join now to start your collection of Jazztech Basics today and see how your stock of knowledge builds into a virtual encyclopedia on how to generate ideas to create the improvised line.




The miAim Collection is designed for use with ALL INSTRUMENTS
–  strings, brass, woodwind, keyboards, percussion –
in ALL GENRES of music
– Classical, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, Latin, HipHop, Rap, Oriental

for ALL musicians of ANY PLAYING ABILITY

–  Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
when your aim is to create the improvised line.


We all start out with dreams and ambitions but how often do we come to realise that they are not all are achievable? Further-more, have you ever stopped to think why how some of your most delicately held dreams have ended up shriveling on the grapevies of thought?

After 30 years of research into the Cycle of Keys to produce 'The miAim Collection' we certainly understand what it takes to harbor a dream, nurture it and persist with it until it becomes a reality.

We don't claim to be able to help you with all your dreams, but if developing a skill in music improvisation is one of them, then miAim definately can help you!


Are you still using 20th century knowhow to create improvisation? 

Only at miAim can you get a glimpse into the future with 21st century chords and notation, as well as new jazz rhythms. You’ll be able to combine them with what you already know when creating the improvised line.

Most sites cover only Occidental music. Here at miAim you also get the Oriental slant on improvisation. Now you can begin to mix and match Eastern and Western ideas when creating
the improvised line. 
We have done the hard work and research. The choice is now yours on how YOU develop your own improvised line and compositions.

All you need is the musical will and ambition - miAim can do the rest.
Check it out!
You have a chance to gain a lifetime of creating

the improvised line.

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An Overview of The miAim Collection

ebook 1
Introduction to The Improvised Line – Essential information on music, not only for beginners, but for those who do not wish to remain in the 20th century creating the improvised line.

ebook 2 –
The Dorian – ideal for forming cadences in jazzrock, rock, country and country-rock improvisation.

ebook 3 –
The Phrygian - ideal for solo cadences used in Afro-American spirituals, blues, jazz, latin, country and contemporary improvisation.

ebook 4 –
The Lydian – It is suitable for most genres in music, especially swing, rock, jazz rock, country, country rock, rhythm & blues composition and improvisation.

ebook 5 – The MixoLydian - is used in modern composition such as techno, rap, hip-hop and house.

ebook 6 – The Aeolian - used in all forms of composition and improvisation such as jazz, jazz rock, country, blues, rhythm & blues, latin, bosa nova, rock.

ebook 7 – The Locrian – used in blues, classic, country, disco, grunge, hip-hop, jazz, latin, rap, rock, swing, techno and rap.

ebook 8
Straight & Crooked Scales - an ideal platform for advanced students of Jazz, Classical and Oriental composition and improvisation. This includes
a complete list of the chromatic scales – there are 30 – that can be deployed when creating the improvised line.

ebook 9
The COMK - Describes the Cycle Of Moveable Keys. The difference between the Cycle of Keys and the Cycle of Modes and how they interact.
A complete explanation for generating ideas on the improvised line can be found here.

ebook 10
The 51 Lessons - 51 Lessons that each illustrate a new idea for Improvisation.
Each new idea is linked to one or more of the effected modes so that you can buy the ebook in the mode (Books 02 - 07) that takes your fancy the most.




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