“What if…..
At just the right time, just the right people made just the right thing?

What if it come out so right that no matter how hard anybody tried, they could not quite make a thing that was better then the first thing?

It does not happen much, but the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrea RS is one of these things. There is something about this car that feels perfect.”

– Jerry Sinfield (Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Series 1 Eps 15)



We all start out with     
dreams and ambitions… 
but how often do we come
to realise that they are not
all achievable?


Pictured: 1992 The miAim Duo Donald Ahern on Trumpet and Timothy Nicholson on Piano-Keyboards.
Pictured: 2018 Donald Ahern and Timothy Nicholson, life-long friends working on our first miAim explanatory video.

Our aim at miAim (pronounced my aim) is to develop a level playing field where all who wish to reach their full potential on improvisation can find the most comprehensive materials to assist them with the greatest expediency to attain their goal.

Through these texts and charts improvisation can and will
cease to be an intangible phenomenon.

Are you tired of all your music sounding the same?
Not getting enough new ideas fast enough?
Annoyed at the same old i – iv – ii – v chord progression?
Are you truly serious about learning improvisation and creative music composition?
Then miAim (my aim) has the solution FOR YOU!!




You can now preview between 2 and 4 pages (depending the on the book) to get an idea of what is inside on the Principles of Improvisation Books page.

We are excited to announce the gradual release of our revised new 11 book collection.




The ‘Introduction to Music Improvisation’ and 7 ‘Mode Companions’ are available now, as are the Advanced Occidential and Oriental Handbooks. The Cromatix Handbook will be available soon.

“An Introduction to Music Improvisation ” $4.95

“The Ionian Companion” $15.95

“The Dorian Companion” $6.99

“The Phrygian Companion” $6.85

“The Lydian Companion” $8.95

“The MixoLydian Companion” $6.55

“The Aeolian Companion” $6.45

“The Locrian Companion” $13.75     

“The Occidental Handbook” $38.95

“The Oriental Handbook” $28.95

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The Advanced Occidential and Oriental Handbooks are now available. The Cromatix Handbook will be available soon.

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Book 1 "An Introduction To Music Improvisation" 

How do I know which Improvisation Book is right for me?

For Beginners we recommend Book One – An Introduction to Music Improvisation.
It is full of essential information for the budding composer and those interested in improvisation.
It is a great primer for all those starting out in the World of Music. 

For Intermediate players, those with some experience, we recommend one of The 7 Mode Companions.
Books 2 through 8 each examine the relationship between the Ionian Mode and respective Mode (note of the scale) to show how best to make use of the information to develop your own ideas on the improvised line

For Advanced players with reasonable experience, music students and composers we recommend one of The 3 Complete Handbooks.
Books 9, 10 and 11 contain everything you need to know about all the Occidental , Oriental and Chromatic scales and their alterations.

Book 9 The Occidental Handbook and Book 10 The Oriental Handbook

Book 11  The Chromatix Handbook

Please Note: they are not for the faint hearted but are complete encyclopedia in themselves guaranteed to help you generate a new ideas every day for the rest of your life.

Music Improvisation – An Innovative Method

After MORE THAN 35 Years of RESEARCH with Thousands of Hours of DEVELOPMENT,
Countless Practice and REHEARSALS hours and Hundreds of PERFORMANCES, Shows and Concerts,
We have developed The System to help you CREATE your COMPOSITIONS and IMPROVISATIONS that will AMAZE your family, fans and even yourself.

By Reducing The Cycle of Keys to a common tonic we have discovered THE GATEWAY TO DEVELOPING IDEAS for any style or genre of music improvisation.

This really is the first innovation in music theory since the 17th century.

It does not matter what GENRE, STYLE or ERA you play in, or aspire to.
It does not matter what INSTRUMENT you play.

It does not matter if you are a BEGINNER, MODERATE or ADVANCED PLAYER.
It does not matter if you are a SOLOIST, in a BAND, ensemble or in an ORCHESTRA.

miAim.com.au is the only site in the world with THE COMPLETE ANSWER to any question you might have on creating the improvised line.

Our eBooks cover all genre: Rock, Jazz-Rock, Country, Country Rock, Country & Western,  Afro-American Spirituals, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Arabic, Contemporary, Classical and Oriental music.
Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Bosa Nova, Reggae, Techno, Rap, Hip-Hop, Disco, K-Pop, Continental, Easy Listening, Jive, Soul, Blue-grass, Folk, Rock ‘n Roll, Heavy Metal, Grunge and House.

If you are from the north, south, east or west you can start your collection on improvisation TODAY and see how your stock of knowledge builds into a virtual encyclopaedia to help YOU generate UNIQUE IDEAS and create the improvised line. 

We can help you develop your own ideas on Melody, Harmony, Rhythm,
Chord Progressions and Improvisation TODAY!


Each book in The Principles of Improvisation collection contains the potential for at least fifty thousand ideas that can be included when creating music composition and improvisation.
This will save you money and time wasted in searching for the complete answers to improvisation.

You can begin with any Book from The Principles of Improvisation Collection’s, as what is written in one book, equally applies to the others. Each book is a complete syllabus in itself so that you can ‘specialise’ in one particular aspect (mode) of creating the improvised line.

Why take a life time to learn music composition and improvisation (we have already done that for you) when only a few minutes a day will do. Amaze your friends with innovative sounds, melodies, chord progressions and rhythms that just seem to flow endlessly like the River Nile.

  ORDER YOUR COPY OF ANY OF THE DIFFERENT BOOKS IN ‘THE PRINCIPLES OF IMPROVISATION’ COLLECTION TODAY not for $300, not $200 or even $99, but for just a few dollars – less than a jar of coffee – for years of your own music magic.
Our PDF formatted eBooks are priced from just $4.95 – TOTAL BARGAIN!!

for the rest of your life with any of our Music Improvisation/ Composition eBooks.

All you need is the musical will and ambition – miAim has done the rest.
Check it out! You have a chance now to gain a lifetime of creating the improvised line.

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Do not be afraid to sound like YOU and not your favourite star.
We do not tell you what to play, no one can.
However, we can give you the tools to create new musical ideas.

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Excellence can be attained if you:
Care more than others think is wise, Risk more than is safe,
Dream more than is practical and Expect more than others think is possible.

Music Improvisation – An Innovative Method